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Safety Tips for Heavy Equipment Operators, Tuesday January 09, 2018

About Hard Hats, Tuesday October 03, 2017

Truck Driving Safety Tips, Monday September 25, 2017


It’ s Never to Late to Find Your Perfect Career

Kim Paleczny, Wednesday August 02, 2017

Do you feel depressed thinking about the prospect of spending another 30 years doing the same job? Have you been thinking of a career change? For some people it’s not that clear. Some individuals... [read more]



Health & Wellness Tips for Truck Drivers

Kim Paleczny, Tuesday July 25, 2017

Are you a long haul driver that may be guilty of a few bad habits while on the road? Well, we at Canada Heavy Equipment College are here to help you curb those habits and start living the healthy... [read more]



Heat Stress – Be Prepared for Summer Work

Kim Paleczny, Monday July 17, 2017

Summer is in full effect, which means so is the heat and humidity. All over North America, employees who work outside can be at risk of heat stress. Thanks to the strenuous nature of the job... [read more]



5 Reasons To Consider Becoming A Truck Driver

Kim Paleczny, Friday June 09, 2017

Looking for a career that can provide you with great pay along with the freedom and flexibility you desire in the workplace? The demand for truck drivers is high, and continues to grow, so now is as great... [read more]



Diversity in the Trucking and Construction Industry

Kim Paleczny, Friday May 26, 2017

Not only is diversity in the workplace the ‘right’ thing to do, but also, it is important because it improves the reputation for the company, leading to increased profitability and opportunities... [read more]



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