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Skilled Trades Shortage – Helping to fill the Gap

Kim Paleczny, Thursday August 31, 2017

Canada is in the threat of facing a skilled trade shortage. It is expected that thousands of skilled trades workers will retire, and there are not enough youth entering in their place. According to Statistics Canada, only 5% of skilled trades workers in Canada are women. Canada needs to put more focus on hiring and training new immigrants and women to help fill the emerging labour gap.

Unfortunately, there are still barriers for women and new immigrants to get into the trades. A fulfilling career is a strong pull to get into the field and discrimination is becoming less and less prominent as the years go on. By working in the trades individuals contribute to the Canadian economy and get to do the hands-on jobs that they have always wanted to do.

If you are looking into getting into the skilled trades, the best and fastest training possible is taken though a private career college. Courses at private career colleges in Ontario can be taken in a matter of weeks. You can be trained and certified and ready for employment faster than you think.

To learn more about our courses, click here. If you have any questions about the programs offered at Canada Heavy Equipment College, want to know more about the construction or transportation industry's, or you are an employer in the Construction or Transportation looking to hire our graduates, call Cyndy today at 519-650-6040.