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What Every New Employee Should Know about Working on a Construction Site

Kim Paleczny, Wednesday September 06, 2017

The construction industry is a very in demand field that requires committed hard workers that contain a great skillset and have a strong work ethic. If you are starting out new in the field or simply need a touch up on work etiquette, keep these suggestions in mind when you begin your workday.

  1. Make a good impression - Be on Time! Coming in late delays the day and no one likes waiting around for someone. Consider coming in 10 minutes early to plan your day as indicated by the supervisor. This will help get your tasks completed on time and management will know that they can trust you.
  1. Be open to advice. Shallow your pride and trust that your supervisors have had more experience than you and know how to manage the job at hand. Also, if you have any questions or problems simply ask them. Your employers want you to succeed.
  1. Come prepared and ready to work. Have your personal protective equipment with you and come dressed for the weather. Bring supplies such as a lunch, water, sunscreen and/or extra layers of clothing. Make sure to come prepared with what you think you may need in the day, don’t rely on your employer to have extra supplies with them.
  1. Safety is always first. Make sure you follow the safety guidelines and keep an eye out for any potential work risk or hazard. Let your supervisor know if you feel unsafe and/or notice anything that may seem like it can cause a risk to you or others.
  1. Communicate. Listen to what your coworkers and supervisors have to say. If you choose not to listen than you could be missing out on important information about the job task and could put your own safety at risk.
  1. Pay attention - stay focused. Construction work can be repetitive but it is important to stay focused on the job at hand to get the work done successfully and on time. Make sure to stay off your cell phone and only use it during lunch and breaks.



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