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About Hard Hats

Lisa Chambers, Tuesday October 03, 2017

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) does not assign particular colours to hard hats, and no international delegation exists that assigns meaning to the colour worn.

However, some employers, do use the colour of workers' hard hat to convey meaning, though this is strictly internal to the company or group of contractors.

Most companies that enforce a colour code follow an informal standard for their hard hats...

Yellow hats are commonly worn by general / construction labourers.

Blue is common among electrical workers.

Green is sometimes worn by new or probationary employees.

White is reserved for supervisors and visitors to the work site.

Additionally, many employers require workers' hard hats be painted in bright, high-visibility shades, and some require the application of reflective tape to the sides or back of the hard hat for easier identification at night.


Depending on your company (be sure to check first) , you might be able to wear a fun Hard Hat


like this western one...


or your favourite sports team...



Hard hats should be considered if there is a hazard of head injury. Head injuries can occur under various circumstances including, as the result of a slip or fall, working in confined areas, where there are low ceilings or where there may be falling objects.



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