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Secure your career with a higher paying income!

Your future is here”

Ever wanted to be a Heavy Equipment Operator or Truck Driver?

Why not book a time to tour our facilities and check out our equipment?

  • Aim to be the best trained operator or driver
  • Feel what its like to drive the “Big Rig” or a variety of Heavy Construction Equipment
  • Advance your opportunities
  • With CHEC training and experience you could be your own boss
Heavy Equipment | Tractor Heavy Equipment | Grader Heavy Equipment | Terraforming

Choose to be trained in an industry where jobs/careers are increasing. The Transport (AZ & DZ) and Construction industries are growing.

  • Certification Helps
  • Stay safe, be informed, build a future
  • Open the doors to full time employment
  • Build your own career – Be in charge of your future

"Want to be trained and become a skilled operator in your NEW career? Don’t just get trained; get Certified NOW for your future!”

Our graduates are men and women just like you; those wanting a change for the better in their lives!

Call our Client Career Specialist Manager 519 650-6040

We understand how important choosing a new career is to you. Our Career Specialist will be prepared to assist you with the information you require.

  • AZ Driver – Big Rig Operator – Tractor Trailer Driver
  • Backhoe Operator
  • Excavator Operator
  • Grader Operator
  • Bulldozer Operator

** Start your “hands-on training” today

Where will this Training and your new Skills take you?

  • Road Building
  • Short and Long Haul, and Team Trucker
  • Sewer/Watermain
  • Utility Companies – Water, Gas, Electrical, Cable
  • Residential, Commercial, Industrial Building Industry
  • Oil industry

Your New Career can be interesting, rewarding and challenging while providing a higher paying income and health benefits for you and your family.

Secure your future

As a CHEC graduate you will:

Construction Operator

  • Have successfully demonstrated the ability to safely start, stop, and operate all of the equipment and be able to perform all basic skills related to the equipment – berm, stockpile, V-ditch, trench, loading, grading, site surveying basics, and preventative maintenance.
  • Construction Safety Awareness for Workers certificate - this is a MOL mandatory requirement for all construction workers

Transport Operator

  • Have demonstrated city and highway driving, defensive driving techniques, circle check, load securement, operate trailer loaded and unloaded, bob tail, log books, map reading, border crossings, proper manual shifting techniques, fuel management, day and night operation, and Z endorsement certifications.

All Graduates

  • Receive an introduction to the Occupational Health and Safety Act and regulations, WHMIS, TDG, and WSIB
  • A Graduation Certificate in wallet and plaque sizes
  • Have Training sessions on “how to get the job – NOT just apply”
  • Be advised of potential career placement postings with companies looking for Canada Heavy Equipment College graduates
  • Receive assistance to update your resume and develop interview techniques
  • Receive future invitations to Construction and Transport Truck Rodeo Challenge events
  • Be advised of job placement assistance, contractor interactions, and open houses

Companies Requesting Our Graduates:

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