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Main Programs


Main Programs:  

Heavy Equipment Operator Program (HEO4)

9 weeks
  • Grader, Dozer, Backhoe, Excavator (details)

Tractor-Trailer AZ

200 hours
  • Practical training meeting industry and trucking standards (details)

Transportation (AZ) and Construction Operator
(AZ w HEO4)

16 weeks
  • A comprehensive combination of the two programs above (details)

Transportation (AZ) and Construction (BD, EX)
(AZ w HEO2)

12 weeks
  • Transportation (AZ) with key Construction equipment (details)



Heavy Equipment Operator Program (HEO4)

9 weeks
  • You will be taught the fundamentals of the Heavy Equipment
  • Safety, operating techniques, the various characteristics of each piece of equipment, maintenance checks, and pre-inspection reports
  • To be job ready on a construction site – you will be taught WHMIS, Construction Safety Act review, fall protection, and first aid.
  • Introduction to surveying tools and basic understanding and identification of stakes. (Transit, laser and GPS systems)
  • The majority of you program schedule will be “hands-on”, “instructor demonstration” and observation of techniques. You will be instructed on various commonly used construction techniques like building a berm, digging a trench, sloping, V ditching, loading trucks, hand signals and road building. You will practice basic skills and work towards more challenging techniques.
  • All equipment techniques will be demonstrated by the instructor followed by the student receiving their practice sessions. The instructor will continue to observe, coach, offer feedback and perform evaluations on your progress. (Radio communications will be used regularly)


Grader is primarily used in construction and snow removal; prepares surfaces for road building, interior grade of large building, road maintenance, parking lots, airport runway and access routes, all typically used prior to road asphalt activities.


Dozer is responsible to clear and prepare most job sites. Many materials are moved by the dozer: dirt, rock, brush, trees, etc

The dozer levels surfaces, builds berms, slopes and backfills, also working on roads, buildings, sewers and watermain projects.


Backhoe is capable of two functions. The front end has a loader function and the bucket is attached to the rear. The backhoe can load, move, grade and level material. It is capable of lifting, trenching, and excavating.


Excavator – is a track operated unit that is used to excavate large volumes of material, lift and load, turn and dig. The excavator can stockpile, load trucks and dig foundations and ponds.

Our instructors teach you about the equipment , how to maintain as well as a variety of industry specific techniques. You will be provided with close instruction on each piece of equipment . You will be taught the basics on how to build a berm, dig trenches, load trucks, build roads , slopes, V ditches and many more techniques.


Tractor-Trailer AZ

200 hours

Tractor Trailer (AZ) – Tractor trailer (18 wheeler) will be operated while loaded, empty, and “bob-tail” – day and night. You will be taught all practical aspects like : proper turning, blind spots, reversing, loading , trucker courtesy , attaching trailer etc. that relate to the current trucker. You will operate in the city and on the highway to experience realistic conditions in your preparation to be a professional trucker.

You will be required to pay a fee for the written AZ and DZ test to the MTO.

  • Become a safe truck driver
  • Experience real day to day techniques that will make for a professional operator
  • Practical training will help you on the road in meeting industry and trucking standards

You will receive the following Trucking Skills

  • Circle checks – tires, brakes , air lines
  • Operated loaded (load securement) and unloaded
  • Bob tail
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Map reading
  • Log Books , hours of service and border crossing responsibilities
  • Proper manual shifting techniques
  • Fuel management
  • Day and night operations
  • City and highway driving techniques – road courtesy
  • Z endorsement certification (Air Brake)


Transportation (AZ) and Construction Operator
(AZ w HEO4)

16 weeks

The combination of Transportation and Construction Operator certificate programs will provide the maximum exposure to a variety of work opportunities and incomes. This starts you off in the “ Drivers seat “. You train with a “hands-on style approach”. Our instructors teach you all you need to know and more, about the equipment, how to maintain it, as well a variety of industry operational techniques.

  • AZ – 200 hours
  • Grader – 2 weeks
  • Dozer – 2 weeks
  • Backhoe – 2 weeks
  • Excavator – 2 weeks


Transportation (AZ) and Construction (BD, EX)
(AZ w HEO2)

12 weeks

Tractor Trailer (AZ) with certification on Bulldozer and Excavator.

  • AZ – 62 hours theory, 138 hours Driving
  • Heavy Equipment – 40 Hours theory
  • Bulldozer – 30 Hours practical
  • Excavator – 30 Hours practical


Certification Helps

  • Stay safe, be informed, build a future

All courses taught at Canada Heavy Equipment College will meet or exceed industry standards. Your acceptability to interviewers is greatly increased when you hand them your resume accompanied with a Canada Heavy Equipment College Certificate.

**Ask us how the insurance industry will recognize you and your new skills

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