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Financing Programs

  • student Line of Credit
  • COJG - Canada Ontario Job Grant
  • WSIB Integration Program
  • Government Subsidized – Second Career Training
  • Personal Line of credit
  • Credit Card
  • Social Services
  • Family

Ask about the government funding that could apply to you.

Advanced Standing Admission

Have your previous work experience considered to reduce your tuition and admission requirements. Ask us about the reduced fees.

The Admission Requirements do not change - the tuition may be reduced and the length of training may be reduced due to confirmed previous experience and the student’s current skill and knowledge level – the training would be customized based on the amount of skills/knowledge the student possesses. An evaluation would need to be done to determine the amount of training needed to get the student up to the same skill and knowledge level as if taking the entire program.

The Ontario government is helping laid-off workers get back to work.  You may qualify for up to $28 000, or more in some cases, to pay for tuition and expenses such as: Books, Living Expenses, Travel, and other living and training costs.

To find out more, check out the Second Career web site: