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Pit Entrance Wavier


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Pit Entrance Wavier

Consent Release Form

I have no physical, medical, or mental disability, condition or disease. This constitutes a full and absolute discloser of my medical condition. I affirm that I am in good general health and capable of performing activities I will be participating in. I have not been treated for, not am I aware of any physical, mental or medical condition or disease that would jeopardize others or myself.

I understand that the activities could be dangerous, exposing me to risks and hazards both of man and of nature origin some of which in nature of the activity itself, while others result from foreseeable and unforeseeable human error or negligence. As a result, I as a participant may suffer personal injury, illness or even death as well as property loss or damage.

In consideration of being allowed to participate, I, my heirs, estate, parents, guardians, executors, administrators and assigns agree to release, save harmless, indemnify, not to use and forever discharge Canadian Heavy Equipment College, its directors, officers, servants, agents, sponsors, supplies, members, contractors and employees as well as other participants in the activity (all hereafter referred to as the “Releases”) from any and al claims, costs, demands, expenses, damages actions or causes of action arising, to arise by, or in consequence of any act or failure to act (including, without limitation, the actual or alleged negligence, gross negligence, willful wanton reckless misconduct, or breach of contract) of the Releases or anyone whom is the law they are responsible which results in personal injury to me or loss or damage to my property for which I am responsible.

If any law of a country, province or state invalidates part of this Agreement, it is agreed that the balance shall notwithstanding, continue in full legal force and effort.

I have read, understood, and voluntarily accept this agreement. I understand that I have given up substantial rights or incurred substantial obligations by accepting it. I agree no oral or written statements, representation or inducements have been made other than what is contained in this agreement.